wurmlochWurmloch, 2011. Installation view.



Video installation, 2011.
Video projection on mirror foil, variable dimensions, video DV, color, stereo sound. 19.15 minute loop.


Lidl supermarket is one of the fastest growing chains of supermarkets in Europe. Its target group is people who are economically strained. I has been exposed many times as a business that exploits workers and sells low quality products. Lidl tries to improve its image, I find that in the small town of Bad Ems in Germany, Lidl is housed in a heritage building that used to be a factory. The historical shell of the building houses and hides now the chain supermarket. I place the video camera facing the entrance of a Lidl supermarket, located in the brick building of a former factory. A wormhole is a shortcut through space-time. Traversable wormholes, a further development on the theory of general realtivity, occurs when a fold in space time allows to connect two points in the universe, where it is possible to go through. I film the endless transit of people in and out of the supermarket. I make a wormhole leading from the art gallery in a historical, central shopping neighborhood, to the supermarket sitting on a soon to be gentrified part of town. A wormhole from the cultural center into the place where the notion of culture is being reframed.


Video DV, mirror foil, sound. Duration 19.15 min loop.